Hypnotherapy and Mnemodynamic Therapy

What is Hypnotherapy?


Clinical hypnotherapy is designed to heal, and is a very positive experience. It involves the induction of a trance-like state. This means you are very relaxed and in an enhanced state of awareness whilst you concentrate on my voice. I talk directly to your unconscious mind to make the changes to your life you wish to make.

Firstly we have an Initial Consultation. The initial Consultation is where we look at the issues you wish to address. We then work on how your issue affects you so that we get an understanding of how we can gain the best possible results. I have developed my own style of therapy born from experience and I tailor every single hypnosis script to you specifically. I got a distinction in my diploma because my hypnosis scripts are creative yet remain relevant to to the client as well as non-judgemental and empathic. Your therapy is distinctive and unique to you.

What is Mnemodynamic Therapy?

Mnemodynamic Therapy is the process we use to resolve past trauma. Before using mnemodynamic therapy we must have a hypnotherapy session first because your subconscious mind needs to be used to my voice (I speak in a relaxing tone). Although in an altered state, with Mnemodynamic Therapy we are speaking to the subconscious mind, not the unconscious mind, so a full induction isn’t needed. This type of therapy is excellent for those who wish to heal from childhood trauma and is especially good for anxiety and self esteem / depression. So, how does it work?

I’ll level with you. Whatever it is that you’re suffering from, it’s because of past trauma. It’s linked with your childhood. If we were reacting to something as adults now, we’d be able to deal with it. That’s what adults do, right? Adults get on with things. When we’re “adulting” we’re coping and adapting everyday in a healthy, grounded way.

When we’re children we don’t know how to do this. We don’t have the emotional capacity yet to be able to process trauma. Trauma can be anything, it doesn’t have to be anything “big” – that’s the adult talking! If we lack the capacity as children to process emotion properly, then anything could be assessed as “traumatic” by the child’s mind. This trauma is saved as a file within our minds. As adults, we can experience something that triggers this file and all of the emotion and trauma held within it and we experience this emotion exactly as we did as a child. That’s why it feels so bad! It hasn’t been processed.

Mnemodynamic therapy is the tool that we use to help you find the past trauma, process it, and heal from it. I help you to find whatever it is that originally caused the emotional issues you’re suffering with now. Here’s an example – this is from the Mnemodynamic therapy that I had:

My Issue: Severe anxiety whenever in a training session. Feeling trapped. Feeling like everyone was looking at me. Desperate to stand up every five minutes because I just wanted to run out of the room. Everyone would know something was wrong with me.

The Original Trauma: In my Mnemodynamic Therapy session I went back to when I was five. I was in assembly and everyone was packed in. I was sat cross-legged on the floor feeling very uncomfortable. I felt trapped. I wanted to be in the group behind me playing recorder because I was desperate to stand up and get out of there. There was nothing I could do though because if I did try to get out everyone would look at me. It was horrible, I didn’t understand why I felt so trapped and anxious. Everyone else seemed ok. What was wrong with me?

The Process and the Healing: Through Mnemodynamic Therapy I helped my inner five year old by helping her to process what happened. I normalised the situation for her and helped her to understand what was happening. I then helped my inner child to heal by letting her know I was always there for her.

I haven’t felt anxiety when in a training course ever since.

What can hypnotherapy and Mnemodynamic Therapy be used for?

A very wide range of issues! Some of the popular issues I treat include:

  • Anxiety / Panic / Phobias / Fears (for example fear when driving)
  • Self Esteem / Confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Habits and self defeating behaviours such as trichotillomania (hair pulling)
  • Goal Achievement / Motivation / Feeling “Stuck” / Career issues / Improving your Life!
  • Overthinking / negative thoughts / negative beliefs

If your issue is not listed here, don’t worry.  I’ve treated a very wide range of issues using Hypnotherapy and Mnemodynamic Therapy. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to have a chat with you over the phone on 0330 100 5163. You can also ask me anything by emailing: info@cloud9-therapy.co.uk or CLICK HERE to fill in the contact form.

Here is how the process works:

Complimentary phone consultation

We can arrange this at a time to suit you, or you can just give me a call and inform me you’d like your phone consultation. Here you can ask me anything you like and tell me about why you’re seeking therapy. I will then explain what I do and how best I can help you based on what you’ve already told me. If you wish to you can then arrange your first session with me, the Initial Consultation.

The initial consultation

This is where I will ask you to provide even more in depth information and we set your goals for therapy. I ask clients to set goals because when we review these goals we can accurately see your progress.

You can ask me any questions you have about hypnotherapy and mnemodynamic therapy. I’m happy to answer anything you want to know!

Price for Initial consultation: £70
Hypnotherapy (personalised suggestion therapy):

After your Initial Consultation I then write your personalised hypnotherapy script. We meet for your hypnosis sessions, minimum 6 sessions, for as long as you need to. I want to help you reach your goals, and I have my own unique way of doing that! This includes offering further coping mechanisms in session and explaining how your mind works and how to use it better. I like to educate my clients so that you understand how truly powerful your mind is. You can achieve anything you want to, and I want to help you do that.

Mnemodynamic Therapy:

Once you have had at least one session of hypnotherapy we can start with your mnemodynamic therapy (if this is the path you have chosen). We can do a maximum of two rounds of mnemodynamic therapy per session. Mnemodynamic therapy isn’t suitable to do every week, we would have a session of hypnotherapy in between to help you to achieve your goals and help you to heal.

Price for Hypnotherapy / Mnemodynamic Therapy: £70 per session payable in cash, via BACS, by card or PayPal.

To see an example of where you will have your therapy, I also own Chelmsford Therapy Rooms. CLICK HERE to see photos of the therapy room and my location.