Fear when Driving

Fear when Driving….

Do you seem to get nervous about driving, but can drive locally just not long distances? Do you “wind yourself up” before you have to get into the car?  You’reFear when Driving not alone! Many of my clients have reported feeling stupid, silly, and embarrassed. They don’t know why they feel fear when driving but the worry and anxiety is so intense it affects their lives.

I refer to this fear as anxiety. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have something wrong with you, anxiety is completely normal in certain circumstances. But many of my clients report that they have felt anxious about driving for a very long time. Have you felt scared that something will happen on the road when you’re driving, and you just don’t know why?  Do you believe that you will do something, or something will happen to you, on the road? Does this worry cause you to feel scared even before you get into the car? Have you suffered in silence for many years and now you’ve had enough? You’re not alone, and Hypnotherapy can help.

Do you want help?

If you’re serious about being able to drive without fear, I’m serious about helping you. If you want freedom from fear of driving, to feel independent and have the world as your oyster, I want to help you. I want to help you escape from a world full of excuses so that you don’t have to drive. Yes, I know that you do that! But don’t worry, I will never, ever judge you. And I will encourage you to stop judging yourself too! Even if you’ve studied anxiety through reading text books, gone through every self help book going, and tried every coping technique, coming to see a hypnotherapist is different. Why? Because there’s one very big difference to what you’ve already tried. Me.

How can I help? I know how you feel…Therapy for Fear when Driving

I’ve been where you are. I suffered from a severe anxiety and panic disorder for years.  My fears covered pretty much everything (yes, that includes driving!) to the point where it would probably be easier to to tell you what I wasn’t scared of. Trust me, it would save time! I’m now cured, I no longer have an anxiety or panic disorder, and it was hypnotherapy that hit the nail in the coffin for my anxiety. I know how you feel, and I know how to help you.

Do you feel……

  • Silly, stupid and embarrassed?
  • How about “left behind” and as though nobody understands how you feel?
  • Are you afraid everyone is judging you, and are you doing a pretty good job of judging yourself?
  • How many excuses have you made up so you don’t have to drive? Are you sick of making up these excuses?
  • Do you just want to feel normal, to drive like everyone else can, without feeling something bad is going to happen?
Are you really ready to let go of this fear of driving and get on with your life?

If the answer to that last question is “YES!!!” then great! I want to help you – and here’s how I am uniquely qualified to help you with this particular issue.

Apart from the fact I got a distinction in my Hypnotherapy diploma, and have over 7 years experience in private practice, I used to feel like you. I know how anxiety works. I know what it will tell you. Importantly, I can completely empathise with you. I don’t pity you, I don’t judge you, but I do completely understand how you feel, and how to overcome it. When it comes to anxiety, I pretty much know every trick in the book because anxiety pulled out all the stops when I suffered with it, and I still got better!

My unique system to help you drive without fear

So, how can I help you overcome your fear of driving? I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and counselling specifically personalised to you:

1: Your personalised Hypnotherapy script is used to “re-wire” your subconscious mind so that driving is an enjoyable experience rather than a fearful one.

2: Then I use counselling to give you coping mechanisms.

3: Once you have these coping mechanisms I set tasks for you to complete. Completing these tasks means that your new belief system (re-wired by the hypnotherapy) is further reinforced so that your default belief is that driving is enjoyable.

you have options…

Depending on which hypnotherapy option you take, you might have your own personalised hypnotherapy recording sent to you to keep. This means you can listen to it anytime, you always have that back-up, giving a sense of security. Please note that my therapy is tailored specifically to you. Over the years I have developed this system and I use it because it gets results.

If you would like to contact me about an Initial Consultation for your fear when driving, firstly please look at the hypnotherapy options available to you CLICK HERE and then contact me CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading, I hope I can help you soon!