About me:

I’m originally from Yorkshire and moved to the south to go to university in 2002. I loved it so much down here that I decided to stay! Originally I worked in legal publishing, selling advertising, in London. After about a year of working in the city I started to feel very strange. I was anxious all of the time and having horrific panic attacks regularly. I had all of these terrible physical symptoms that scared me alongside the anxiety I was already feeling. After suffering the physical and emotional symptoms for a while longer I contacted the doctor. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me! My GP recommended that I get counselling. I didn’t contact a therapist immediately though. Of course, I spent another couple of months living in Hell. One day I reached work at 8:45 am and in the middle of my 5th panic attack that morning, somehow a voice of clarity said “maybe I should call that therapist”. I’d had the number of the therapist saved in my phone for weeks. I called right there and then and I’ve never looked back.

As I was having therapy something interesting happened. I realised that I wasn’t alone, that others were suffering like I was. As I relaxed, I noticed that people would tell me about their problems. I empathised, I couldn’t believe how many people were suffering! So I decided I wanted to help others get better like I have. I re-trained, quit my job, and set up Cloud9 Therapy.

I am living proof that mental health issues can be resolved with the right therapy and the right therapist. Not just that, but also to be successful, to be the best version of you! 

I now own two award winning businesses. Cloud9 Therapy won Best Private Practice 2020 for Essex at the UK Enterprise Awards and Leading Providers of Mnemodynamic Therapy – Essex at the Global Health and Pharma Awards. I also own Chelmsford Therapy Rooms (CTR), a room rental and referral service where therapists book a therapy room on an ad-hoc basis, and clients looking for help are referred to the best therapist for them. This year CTR won the GHP Excellence Award for Exceptional Mental Health Services – Essex. In 2019 CTR won the GHP Excellence Award in Outstanding Mental Health Services for Essex and Best Private Hypnotherapy Clinic Essex at the Global Health and Pharma Awards.

In addition to these two companies, this year I also took over another counselling practice. In a strange twist of fate, the owner of the company I went to for help all those years ago, DCS Counselling, asked me to take over the practice as she was retiring. We merged Chelmsford Therapy Rooms and DCS Counselling in early 2020 and are now collectively known as Chelmsford Therapy Rooms incorporating DCS Counselling. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so I refer to the company as CTR!

I hope that’s given you a little more of an idea about me. As you can see, I’ve come very far since my days working in the city feeling as though a little bit of my soul was dying each and every day. I remember being so embarrassed by how I was feeling and thinking.

But you don’t need to be.

So many of my clients felt the same way when they came to therapy. I still remember all the strange thoughts and feelings I had. So many fears and phobias, low confidence and esteem. But I got help, and here I am today all better, with two award winning businesses. 


 I work from Chelmsford Therapy Rooms, at 212A Baddow Road, Chelmsford when doing face to face therapy. I can also offer some types of therapy via zoom, or to do an initial consultation.

  • Diploma in hypnotherapy with distinction (Dip.hyp) (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Counselling (Dip.CS)
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (AD.Dip.CP)
  • Registered Mnemodynamic Therapy Practitioner
  • The National Hypnotherapy Society
  • The National Counselling Society
  • Mnemodynamic Therapy register

As a result of my being a member of these organisations I am also on the Accredited Voluntary Register. I have been audited by the HS and the NCS and passed with flying colours.

I write articles on counselling and hypnotherapy for Chelmsford The City Times and The Moulsham Times on a monthly basis. I work with private individual clients and with patients referred to me from private medical companies, insurance companies and Employee Assistance Program Consultancies. Therefore I have experience using online portals and writing patient assessments.

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Further Info on my Other Businesses

I own Chelmsford Therapy Rooms, an Award Winning room rental service for self employed private therapists and referral service matching those looking for therapy with a suitable therapist. CTR is a membership organisation, therapists that wish to work with us have to provide proof of qualifications, membership of a professional body and insurance. We have regular networking meetings and training for therapists on business skills. Therapists can advertise on my advertising platform on the CTR website. Individuals looking for therapy can see the therapists available to take their enquiries.

In early 2020 CTR merged with DCS Counselling. DCS offer counselling services exactly as CTR do. In addition, DCS are sample collectors for Crystal Health. We collect DNA samples for paternity testing for use in court and for private individuals and urine samples for drug testing, for example for companies that do random drug tests with employees. This is a small arm of the business at the moment that I am keen to grow. Many of the cases sent to us are sensitive and I’d like to offer our additional psychological services to the people that we help.

I’ve been working in psychological therapy in Chelmsford since 2012.  When I set up Chelmsford Therapy Rooms I realised quickly that there was a need for business skills training amongst therapists. I therefore decided to write and produce business skills courses specifically for psychological therapists and so CTRN Training was born! I work with my producer Dan at Sidrat Studios to produce high quality, straight forward training to therapists wishing to go into private practice. I also offer these training courses via Zoom so I can directly teach the therapists on a wide range of skills. This also means I can expand upon specific topics, or create a course on a specific topic, such as marketing, how to build a website, how to set up a business, how to do a tax bill etc. I also now run courses on other areas that affect both therapist and clients such as Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety and Narcissism. It feels amazing to pass on my skills and knowledge and see therapists flourish. I also enjoy meeting new therapists at the regular “Business Showers” (similar to networking meetings) that  I run through Chelmsford Therapy Rooms!