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 Cloud9 Therapy is owned by Jenny Hartill. I am qualified to Diploma level (with distinction) in hypnotherapy, and Advanced Diploma level in counselling and psychotherapy. I am a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling Society and therefore on the Accredited Voluntary Register. I write articles on both counselling and hypnotherapy for local magazines Chelmsford The City Times and The Moulsham Times on a monthly basis. I work with private individual clients and with patients referred to me from private medical companies therefore I have experience using online portals and writing patient assessments.

I decided to completely change career after having counselling myself. I understand how it feels to be under stress and suffer from anxiety, I also know how to deal with it, not only from a professional point of view having fully qualified as a counsellor and hypnotherapist, but also from a personal point of view having been through this experience myself. I suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder for years and I am living proof that anxiety disorders can be cured with the right therapy and the right therapist. I consider Anxiety Disorders and Panic Disorders to be specialisms of mine as I have much experience in this field and most of my clients are anxiety sufferers.

At Cloud9 Therapy I provide dynamic and friendly psycho-therapeutic services. I work in the heart of Chelmsford from Perception House, just a couple of minutes walk from Chelmsford Railway Station and the Bus Station and I also work for Essex Mediation as their in-house counsellor. In addition to therapy services offered at my private practice in Chelmsford I also have a private practice in London City – just over the road from Liverpool St station. I offer an approach that encourages clients to change their lives forever by becoming more self aware, accepting and learning from experiences and behaviours, learning about their mindset and how to improve it and then learning new coping mechanisms they can implement throughout their lives. My approach aims to help clients help themselves and become their own therapist so they can experience positive changes in their lives forever.

Therapy Room Pictures: Perception House, Chelmsford

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Longcroft House, London:

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Many individuals suffer in silence from stress, anxiety and other issues – my style of therapy aims to encourage clients to use coping techniques utilising an approach that is honest, straight-forward, understanding and empathetic. The aim of therapy is to equip clients with the tools to be able to deal with life’s stresses and strains with much more insight, knowledge, confidence and self-esteem.

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